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Re: abbrev-expand-functions

From: Leo
Subject: Re: abbrev-expand-functions
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2009 19:41:21 +0000
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On 2009-03-15 16:34 +0000, Johan Bockgård wrote:
> More or less.
>    "An abbrev table is represented as an obarray containing a symbol for
>     each abbreviation. The symbol's name is the abbreviation; its value
>     is the expansion; its function definition is the hook function to do
>     the expansion; its property list cell typically contains various
>     additional properties such as the use count, the number of times the
>     abbreviation has been expanded, or whether the abbrev is a so-called
>     "system" abbrev defined by a major mode rather than by the user."
> (info "(elisp) Abbrevs")

Ah, I have missed this critical information several times. Thank you. I
think I have a better picture of abbrev now.

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