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Re: newbie questions: customizing continuation lines and font for Window

From: B. T. Raven
Subject: Re: newbie questions: customizing continuation lines and font for Windows emacs
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2009 21:35:12 -0600
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These are variables, association lists that define frame parameters. Other similar looking tokens might be functions but in this case there is no verb in the hyphenated name so it's probably a variable. Functions do things and variables are things. Type C-h v and then TAB and you will see a very long list of variables, among which are the two mentioned by Peter. If you type C-h v init TAB then you will see just the variables starting with init To see a list of functions type C-h f tab. To find out more about a variable or function, complete typing the name and press return or just click on the name of interest in the *Completions* buffer. Have you done the tutorial yet? C-h t Other useful ones are C-h C-f C-h i and C-h ? for help on the help options

Elias wrote:
What do you mean by "initial-frame-alist and default-frame-alist"? Is
that a command or a setting or something?

On Mar 14, 4:18 am, Peter Dyballa <address@hidden> wrote:
Am 14.03.2009 um 00:09 schrieb Elias:

Also, I am trying to change the display font. I go to Options and Set
Font, and pick the font (Lucida Sans Typewriter), then go to Options
and Save Options, hoping that the font will be saved. However, the
next time I start emacs, it is set to Courier New for some reason. Is
there any way to save the font?
You can use initial-frame-alist and default-frame-alist as in:

   (setq initial-frame-alist '(
;•      (font . "fontset-global")
         (tool-bar-lines         . 0)
         (menu-bar-lines         . 2)
         (border-color           . "gold1")
         (cursor-color           . "turquoise1")
         (mouse-color            . "purple3")
         (foreground-color       . "DarkCyan")
         (background-color       . "antiquewhite1")
         (vertical-scroll-bars   . right)
         (internal-border-width  . 5)
         (top  . 10) (left . 625) (width . 80) (height . 50)

Of course you need to uncomment and substitute the values on the first and second lines. And others too ...



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