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Re: automatic new-line after 80 columns

From: Nishith Nand
Subject: Re: automatic new-line after 80 columns
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2009 18:39:30 +0530


I inserted

 '(fill-column 80)
 '(c-ignore-auto-fill (quote (string cpp)))

in my '.emacs' file and it worked fine!!


    I have the exact same requirement. I tried adding those lines to my .emacs and then wrote the following line in a file called test.cpp

int a = b = c = d = e = f = g = h = i = j = k = l = m = n = o = p = q = r = s = t = u = v = w = x = y = z = 0;

But, unfortunately, no newline.

I enabled auto newline (C-c C-a).
I tried both c and c++ mode.
The Fill minor mode is enabled.

I am using GTK Snapshot on ubuntu 9.04 alpha 6.

Any suggestions?

Thanks and Regards,
Nishith Nand

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