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Re: intranet blogging from emacs

From: Xah Lee
Subject: Re: intranet blogging from emacs
Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2009 17:26:02 -0700 (PDT)
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On Mar 21, 5:05 am, Rustom Mody <address@hidden> wrote:
> I am exploring lightweight options for creating an (intranet) blog of my
> team members.
> What are the options for pushing out from emacs to a blog-publish share
> location?

here's some info might be useful to you:

• e-blog by Mikey Coulson works great with google blog (blogger).

• LjUpdate package by Edward O'Connor works fantastic for livejournal.

Others i've tried: blogger.el and WebloggerMode, does not work for me.

Also, emacspeak supposed to work with blogger too, but i've read from
blogs recently that it's also problematic.

For some detail about these:

• A Emacs Frustration (blogger package)


depending on what your intranet blog is...

w3m is primarily a text-based browser like lynx, launched from command
Emacs has a interface to it, called w3m, so that you can browse web in

from my experience, this combination is actually some 5 times slower
than full featured web browsers.  (my w3m has image loading turned
off, while my web browser has images on, and js and css on.)

today, js is almost a requirement for most major sites. Without js
support, w3 can't use many sites.

personally i use w3m occasionally for my work involving dictionary
lookup. Overall, i don't recommend it, because you have spend hours or
days to install, learn to use it, and on the whole the benefit isn't
great. (e.g. compared to a browser, some 5 times slower, no js, ugly
display, and often badly formed, and so on)

as other suggested, you could just use w3m to update your blogs thru
the standard web interface. However, i've not tried this.

In fact, these days i simply use full featured browser to update my
blogger blogs. I find it faster, more convenient, in general, then
trying to do it within emacs. Typically, one button press switch me to
browser, few clicks with the interface gets me to the blog update
page, one button switch me to emacs, write, switch, paste, click to
update. Repeat if necessary, or use any of the editing or admin
features in the blog interface, which usually won't be there in any
integrated emacs blog uploading modes.

part of the reason that web interface works better in general for me,
besides above reasons, is that usually my blog writing involves
complicated html (such as css marked syntax coloring of code
snippets), and sometimes plain text mixed with the particular mark-
down and html (such as links).  The simplified mark-up lang used for
each blog site are different (and there's no one standard or
predominant one). The emacs blog modes typically support plain text
only. Any extra features available on the blog, such as the extensive
admin and blog archive editing or comment management etc provided by
google's blogger, is not there.


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