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Re: can american keyboard write finnish charact er 'ä', 'ö', 'å' in emac

From: B. T. Raven
Subject: Re: can american keyboard write finnish charact er 'ä', 'ö', 'å' in emacs?
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 18:16:48 -0600
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tukuniata wrote:

C-\ toggles the input-method, which can be chosen from a large list if
you use the C-u prefix (or the first time it is used if a default
input-method is not specified in your language environment).

Possible methods for entering these characters are: TeX (use TeX
sequences), finnish-postfix (ae, oe, ???), latin-1-alt-postfix/latin-1-
postfix (a", o", a/), latin-1-prefix ("a, "o, /a), scandanavian-
postfix (a", o", aa), sgml (use SGML entities), ucs (use u followed by
unicode code point).

First of all thanks for all your effort that you are doing to help.
but my problem is far to be solved. According to the instruction on this
and your instructions i learn quit a lot but none of the instruction worked,
and when i type: M-x list-input-methods
for Displaying a list of all the supported input methods. i m having a error
message saying that no imput method is available, perhaps because you have not yet installed
LEIM (Libraries of Emacs Input Method).
now here is my question where can i get LEIM ? and how to install it ?
please remember that i m using windows xp in which i m running cygwin in
which i run emacs.
thanks again hope to read you soon

Since you would have leim if you downloaded version 21.4 or later (either linux or windows), I'm assuming that you have the windows binaries. leim for that build is at:

After this is unzipped with something like 7zip, it should go at the same level as /bin, /lisp, /info under the main /emacs directory. This all assumes that you would be willing to run the native windows Emacs rather than Cygwin. Still, unless you are already very comfortable with Cygwin, it would be easier to download the entire native Emacs 22.3 instead. I have tried both and the native build is much easier for users accustomed to Windows and more responsive: no cygwin1.dll intermediary.

Red Hat has 22.3 leim for cygwin here:

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