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Can I make a useless key an additional Ctrl?

From: Oleksandr Manzyuk
Subject: Can I make a useless key an additional Ctrl?
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2009 13:35:25 -0400

Hi, everybody!

I apologize if my question does not belong to this mailing list.

The keyboard of my laptop has a key that I do not use at all. How
come? Well, it is a Toshiba laptop purchased in Germany, so originally
it had a German keyboard, until I changed it to something looking like
a US keyboard by attaching stickers to keys. In the German layout
there was a separate key for < and > symbols; this key does not
correspond to any key in the US layout. When I press it now (having
chosen the US layout in Ubuntu keyboard settings menu) it does produce
< and >, and so do Shift-, and Shift-. (as it should be in the US
layout). The point is that this <> key is so conveniently located on
the right of the Space that it is very tempting to make it an
additional Ctrl key (my keyboard has no right Ctrl; having it would
make working with Emacs even more pleasant and satisfying). Do you
know if it is possible to remap this key to Ctrl? The potential
problem that I see is that it generates the code of the symbol <, and
I certainly don't want to lose this symbol (i.e., I don't want Shift-,
to behave as a Ctrl...). I'm a total ignoramus in these questions, so
maybe what I'm saying is stupid. Anyway, any help is appreciated!


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