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Re: Working with different projects in Emacs

From: grischka
Subject: Re: Working with different projects in Emacs
Date: Wed, 08 Apr 2009 20:10:14 +0200
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> I work in several projects. Every project has a list of files
> associated to it (for instance several source code files or latex
> files). I would like that every time I start working in one of these
> projects, all the files could be found quickly without specifying the
> whole path.

eproject does stuff like this:

Basically eproject manages a list of projects, where a project
is a list of files and a list of commands and is associated
with a directory.

If you open a project you get a menu with the files and it will
load the last viewed one.

You also get a menu for tool commands that can be fired with
one mouse-click or a keystroke. (can be just "make" but as well
anything else, typically stuff that you would not want to
remember when you revisit a project after some months)

Swiching projects is easy and fast, two mouse clicks or three
keystrokes.  You can do something in one project, then switch
to another, do something there, and then switch back as if
you'd never left.

eproject has a text menu where you can "quick search" an
item (e.g. file) by pressing the first letter(s). It
works on terminals too.

All lists can be edited on the fly in the text menu.  The
data itself is stored per project in a file "eproject.cfg".
The project list is stored in "~/.emacs.d/eproject.lst".

eproject does not generate makefiles or anything like that.

--- grischka

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