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Re: Extra info in modeline (tip and questions)

From: Decebal
Subject: Re: Extra info in modeline (tip and questions)
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 04:06:28 -0700 (PDT)
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On 14 apr, 16:03, Decebal <address@hidden> wrote:
I was not happy with get-mode-line-field. Especially with the
    (catch 'break
I understand that this is the default way to handle a break out of a
loop, but I found it ugly, and I expect it is also expensive. So I
rewrote it in such a way that the catch is not neccesary anymore. I
made it also a little bit more general. I do not need it at the
moment, but I made a function to fetch the struct with the right type.
So I changed:
>     (defun get-mode-line-field(type)
>       (let ((i     0)
>             (field (format "*%s*" type))
>             (total (length mode-line-array))
>             )
>         (catch 'break
>           (while (< i total)
>             (if (equal type (mode-line-struct-type (aref mode-line-
> array i)))
>                 (progn (setq field
>                              (format "%s: %s "
>                                      (mode-line-struct-display (aref
> mode-line-array i))
>                                      (funcall (mode-line-struct-
> function (aref mode-line-array i)))
>                                      )
>                              )
>                        (throw 'break nil)
>                        )
>               )
>             (incf i)
>             )
>           )
>         field
>         )
>       )
    (defun get-mode-line-struct(type)
      (let ((i           0)
            (this-struct nil)
            (not-ready   t)
            (total       (length mode-line-array))
        (while (and not-ready (< i total))
          (if (equal type (mode-line-struct-type (aref mode-line-array
              (setq this-struct (aref mode-line-array i)
                    not-ready   nil
            (incf i)

    (defun get-mode-line-field(type)
      (let ((field       (format "*%s*" type))
            (this-struct (get-mode-line-struct type))
        (if this-struct
            (setq field
                  (format "%s: %s "
                          (mode-line-struct-display this-struct)
                          (funcall (mode-line-struct-function this-

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