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Re: Is JDEE moribund? Is Emacs a viable Java devel environment?

From: Martin
Subject: Re: Is JDEE moribund? Is Emacs a viable Java devel environment?
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2009 15:15:39 +0200
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> I recently started doing some Java work again for the first time in
> several years, and I looked around to see the state of Java
> development using Emacs.  The first Google hit for "emacs java" was a
> package called JDEE, which seemed like just what I wanted, and I found
> a lot of positive comments on it.  I ran into a snag while trying to
> install it, though, so I subscribed to the jdee-users mailing list and
> posted about my problem.  After a few days without an answer, I mailed
> the package maintainer directly.  It's been two weeks now, and I
> haven't gotten any response, nor have I seen any traffic at all on the
> jdee-users list.  Does anyone still use it anymore?  If not, what
> other options for Java development on Emacs are there?
> Lately I've been using Eclipse and Emacs in tandem, editing in Emacs
> and using Eclipse for everything else.  It's a good enough arrangement
> to get by, but I'd sure love it if Emacs could shoulder more of the
> work.

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