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planner & muse mode questions

From: ulugeyik
Subject: planner & muse mode questions
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 2009 01:48:35 -0700 (PDT)

I am not being lucky getting answers to any of my questions and it is bugging
me regarding my work-flow.

I have tried this on the corresponding mailing lists but they are pretty
quiet these days.

I am new to the PlannerMode and I have few questions.

1 - Searching: planner-search-notes seem to search on day-pages and not
plan pages. It also does not follow links. I was hoping that it could act
as a search for all the "remember" and other information I enter in my
pages and follow links to local files too. i tried muse-search but that
also only searches files under the same directory for the "project". Is
there an alternative to that? Ideally, I want it to search all files
linked to the project from any place.

2- Some of my plan pages are under subdirectories. When I use remember, it
does not let me write out the note to the files in the subdirectories -
they are not tab-completed. somehow, from the manual, I thought this might
do that, but obviously associating "emacs-wiki" with planner/muse may be
wrong? I added the folllowing to my .emacs file:
;;hopefully this let's planner to go down in the directory tree
(setq emacs-wiki-recurse-directories t)

3- This may be more of muse question but wqhen
I do a "pdf export" it does a single LaTeX run therefore the links are
broken. How do I get it to do multiple runs or "run as many as
4- Can I add colors for output? is there a <color> tag?

5- When I output a muse-journal, it likes to display earliest entries
first. I
want to reverse that. I want the newest ones on top. Is that possible?

6- Is there a way to generate an output , possibly a graphical one (may be
graphviz?) that would show which file is linked to what file etc?

7- I followed a tip from a web-site so I can hit a key-combination
anywhere in GNOME and run a small window in remember-mode to take a note.
so I added the following to my .emacs .. The tip gave it for "org-mode" so
I edited it (see below lines marked ";TD"). It works, I can now add my
note to plan page. but it only works if emacs-server is already running.
is there an alternative to that? Am  doing the right thing?

;; to have a small remember window open from anywhere
(defadvice remember-finalize (after delete-remember-frame activate)
  "Advise remember-finalize to close the frame if it is the remember
  (if (equal "remember" (frame-parameter nil 'name))

(defadvice remember-destroy (after delete-remember-frame activate)
  "Advise remember-destroy to close the frame if it is the rememeber
  (if (equal "remember" (frame-parameter nil 'name))
;; make the frame contain a single window. by default org-remember
;; splits the window.
(add-hook 'remember-mode-hook

(defun make-remember-frame ()
  "Create a new frame and run org-remember."
  (make-frame '((name . "remember") (width . 80) (height . 10)))
  (select-frame-by-name "remember")
;;TD next line by TD
;;TD next line by TDD
  (remember 'remember-planner-add-xref))
;; TD original was this
;;  (org-remember))

8- I use multiple computers (~4) with slightly different directory
structures. I keep my latest working notes, important stuff in a common
*relative* path (upto a degree). Is it possible to get annotations,
auto-links etc use relative paths instead of absolute? I mean, if I
remember something while working on a document and I add the note to the
day-page, I want the link the original document to be relative. I tried
the following but that did not do the job

;;use relative paths
(setq planner-annotation-use-relative-file t)
9- What is the common choice for Palm-Pilot and/or Evolution
syncronization. It seems like one way is to load up the .ics from
evolution (which I only use for palm-syncing) and importat that to
planner-diary. but what happens if I change something on my palm?

10-  When I link to a pdf file, [[mypdf.pdf]] ,  when I follow the link I
end up opening the pdf as a text file. I was hoping it will use mailcap or
some such to run a pdf viewer. Can I control this somehow?

Thanks a lot for your time and help.


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