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Re: Annotating Info Pages?

From: Xavier Maillard
Subject: Re: Annotating Info Pages?
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 2009 16:25:12 +0200
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   Tim Visher <address@hidden> writes:

       Hello Everyone,

       I understand that there's a way to bookmark an info file so that I can
       easily reference things that interest me later on.  Is there also a
       way to annotate info files such that I add my own little notes along
       the way in a browsable or at least visible fashion from within the
       Info file?

       Thanks in advance!

   While doing `e' in an *info* buffer and installing ipa.el are something
   to look into, Bookmarks is part of Emacs and does a simple job in a
   single separate .emacs.bmk file, or as many .bmk files as you'd like to
   have.  Bookmarks may also be annotated.

   I'm interested in why ipa.el is preferable to Bookmarks.

[I am the new maintainer of ipa.el]

ipa means In Place Annotation. You write your annotations right
where the point is. The annotation is then displayed just right
where it is.

In the other hand, bookmark annotations are shown in another
buffer. I feel less comfortable to use them for the exact reason.

Maybe, in a near future, both could be merged since, in the end,
the goal are pretty the same: have point in a
buffer/file/whatever be bookmarked and/or be annotated.

I hope I was clear in my explanations.


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