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nested single quates in shell command

From: Taichi Matsumoto
Subject: nested single quates in shell command
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 23:32:32 +0900


I want to ask about treatment of nested single quotes
when I use shell command via M-! or M-| on Emacs.
I'm using Carbon Emacs based on Gnu Emacs 22.3.1.

I use zsh set "setopt RC_QUOTES" to treat '' as ' in '...',
and I set zsh as emacs shell.

For example, I type following command on eshell (M-x eshell),
  $ echo 'What''s up'
I get following the output as expected.
  What's up

But I cannot get the same output via M-! or M-|,
When I type following command,
  M-! echo 'What''s up'
I get following message without '.
  Whats up

Incidentally, it works well if I use '\'' instead.
(but its very difficult to read, I think)
  M-! echo 'What'\''s up'
  What's up

Can you please tell me how to configure the emacs
for single quotes?

Matsumoto Taichi.

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