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Re: An Eclim frontend for Emacs

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: Re: An Eclim frontend for Emacs
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2009 01:40:17 +0200
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Chris McMahan <address@hidden> writes:

Hi Chris,

> Thanks for the config, but I have had no luck getting it (or
> variations of it) to work in Windows XP using Emacs 23. I've tried
> your config, pointing the executable to
>   "c:/eclipse/plugins/org.eclim_1.4.5/bin/eclim.bat"
>   "c:/eclipse/plugins/org.eclim_1.4.5/bin/eclim.cmd"
>   "/cygdrivec/eclipse/plugins/org.eclim_1.4.5/bin/eclim.cmd"
> and any other combination I can think of.
> When I start the eclimd application
>   "c:/eclipse/eclimd.bat"
> or
>   "c:/eclipse/eclimd.cmd"
> it seems to start ok, and tells me it's listening on port 9091

Ok, so it seems the server part is up and running.  What does

c:/eclipse/plugins/org.eclim_1.4.5/bin/eclim.bat -command project_list

in a cmd.exe return after starting eclimd.  It should return a listing
of all projects in eclipse.  (Or maybe you have to use the cmd file.)


BTW: I'm probably not very helpful as I don't have neither a windows box
nor any clue how things work on windows [in the few cases where they do
When Richard Stallman makes a sudo command, he loses permissions.

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