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Re: Loss of auctex functionality

From: Sam Albers
Subject: Re: Loss of auctex functionality
Date: Wed, 13 May 2009 23:56:36 -0700


> Until I messed up my site-lisp directory, I
> conveniently had a LaTeX drop down menu within
> emacs. I didn't really use it that much it did
> provide me a list of keystrokes that were useful
> when working with a latex document. Now only a TeX
> drop down menu appears. I used to be able to run
> C-c C-c and then type LaTeX to compile my document.
> Now when I do this I am taken to a windows that
> looks exactly like my terminal instead of LaTeXing
> my document automatically. Other AucTex commands
> don't seem to work well either.
> C-c C-e should allow me to insert an environment
> but all it does it end the environment I am in
> whereas previously I call insert a new environment
> of my choice.
> My /usr/share/emacs/22.2/site-lisp directory is
> empty through a silly move by yours truly. I am
> using Ubuntu 9.04.

Looks like you're not using auctex at all but the built-in
tex-mode. Why don't you just reinstall the auctex-package via the
package manager?

Thanks Anselm. I tried this earlier but it did not seem to fix the problem. Indeed it does seem like emacs is not detecting auctex at all. Not sure how to proceed.

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