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RE: non noisy dired

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: non noisy dired
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 2009 08:18:38 -0700

> Something seems to have changed (or Im not doing somethin' right)
> C-Ret (w32-browse) used to work (if dired+ was loaded of course)
> Now I need to load it to make it work

(Subject line is OT - this has nothing to do with dired-details, AFAICT.)

You don't give us much to go on, to help you.
You need to load what, in order to make what work? What are you in fact loading?
What are the symptoms?

You mention `dired+.el'. That library binds C-RET to `dired-w32-browser',
*provided* library `w32-browser.el' is already loaded. So make sure you load
`w32-browser.el' first. Nothing has changed in this regard in `dired+.el' -
perhaps you have changed your load order?

You can check the bindings in any keymap, such as `dired-mode-map', by loading
library `help-fns+.el' and using `C-h C-k' (`describe-keymap').

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