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Availability of unicode glyphs on XP

From: Uwe Siart
Subject: Availability of unicode glyphs on XP
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2009 16:40:17 +0200
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I'm using pretest Emacs on both platforms W2k SP4 and XP SP3.

| M-x describe-input-method RET rfc1345 RET

I get the full list of RFC1345 mnemonics.

On W2k almost all glyphs (aside from a couple of octal sequences) are
displayed. On XP, however, I get a lot of blank boxes there, just as if
all those glyphs were not included in the font.

Both Emacsen have identical settings and I did not make any changes to
the font variables ('fixed-pitch' points to Family:Monospace). I really
think this problem is due to the underlying platform or settings of the
same rather than an Emacs bug.

But I have no clue where to begin my search. Can anyone give me some
direction how to track down this problem? Could the system fonts in W2k
be more complete than they are in XP? I can hardly believe.


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