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terminal settings for emacs over remote ssh

From: Stefan Vollmar
Subject: terminal settings for emacs over remote ssh
Date: Sat, 27 Jun 2009 10:52:07 +0200


this is probably a very old question, sorry for having to ask again: I want to use Emacs 22.2.1 (Fedora Core 10, x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu) using a remote ssh-connection from a MacOS X terminal, also from a PuTTY session on a windows box (both in a rather old-fashioned way). In both cases I find that when opening a text in Emacs, the very first line starts at the right-most column. Moving down with the cursor will increment the line position not in the status line (last line) but rather in the last but one line.

My guess is that the terminal emulation is the problem, I have tried vt100 and xterm, as mentioned above, it is nothing MacOS or Windows specific wrong with the ssh-connection, I also made sure not to use any Emacs customizations.

Any help is appreciated.
Many thanks in advance,
Dr. Stefan Vollmar, Dipl.-Phys.
Max-Planck-Institut für neurologische Forschung
Gleuelerstr. 50, 50931 Köln, Germany
Tel.: +49-221-4726-213  FAX +49-221-4726-298
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