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Re: switch between utf-8 and latin-1 (ARGH!!)

From: ?manu*
Subject: Re: switch between utf-8 and latin-1 (ARGH!!)
Date: Sat, 18 Jul 2009 23:57:09 +0200
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Anselm Helbig ha scritto:
You don't need another editor to do that. Just try to understand what
emacs is doing here: when you added the line about the coding system
emacs understood that you want the contents of the buffer saved with
this coding system. Emacs can not know that the characters on screen
are not what you want! So you first have to get to the point where
Emacs has the correct notion about the coding system. Pascal already
pointed you to `set-buffer-file-coding-system',

This was not useful because it does not change the meaning of the caracters in the buffer. It only changes the encoding of the characters when saving to file.

another way is to use
`universal-coding-system-argument' (C-x RET c) immediately before
opening a file.

...yes this was the right command to use...


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