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Re: Lost my beloved fixed width fonts

From: George Nurser
Subject: Re: Lost my beloved fixed width fonts
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2009 16:03:00 +0100

On my version of Aquamacs v2.0, the default font for python-mode *is* Monaco.

>From the menu, doing Options  --> Appearance--> Font for Python-Mode
puts up the standard Cocoa font choice box.

shift +  + T give a new tab.


2009/8/3 Skip Montanaro <address@hidden>:
>> I've poked around the customization stuff
>> but haven't been able to come up with some magic to make fixed width
>> fonts the norm.  (In fact, I would prefer it if there was some way to
>> tell disable use of all variable width fonts.  I'm editing programs
>> most of the time, not using Emacs as a word processor.)
> :bump:
> No insight into this problem?  Can someone who is an Emacs 23.1 user
> at least tell me if this happens there as well?  I see it in Aquamacs
> whose latest release is derived from Emacs 23.1.  That will at least
> tell me if I have to drill down on the Aquamacs side or on the
> Emacs side.
> Thanks,
> S

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