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Re: openwith-mode opens attachments through message-send-and-exit

From: Markus Triska
Subject: Re: openwith-mode opens attachments through message-send-and-exit
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2009 17:35:14 +0200

Reiner Steib <address@hidden> writes:

>> There is not much that openwith-mode can do in this case, because it
>> typically cannot tell the context in which it is used.
> You can add something like ...
> (eval-after-load "mm-util"
>   '(add-to-list 'mm-inhibit-file-name-handlers 'openwith-file-handler))

See D.1 Emacs Lisp Coding Conventions:

   * Avoid using `eval-after-load' in libraries and packages (*note
     Hooks for Loading::).  This feature is meant for personal
     customizations; using it in a Lisp program is unclean, because it
     modifies the behavior of another Lisp file in a way that's not
     visible in that file.  This is an obstacle for debugging, much
     like advising a function in the other package.

and from 15.10 Hooks for Loading:

      But it is OK to use `eval-after-load' in your personal
   customizations if you don't feel they must meet the design standards
   for programs meant for wider use.

Thus, I recommend to set mm-inhibit-file-name-handlers only in your own
customization file, not in openwith.el, a package meant for wider use.
You can add the code you show to your personal customizations.

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