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Re: Help with upcasing words first char

From: Harry Putnam
Subject: Re: Help with upcasing words first char
Date: Sat, 22 Aug 2009 13:40:57 -0500
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Harry Putnam <address@hidden> writes:

> I need to do a pile of editing that involves:
> Removing a space between words and upcasing the first letter of the
> next word like:
>  Some example
>   to
>  SomeExample
> I went thru M-x apropos <RET> <case> <RET>
> But didn't find a likely candidate ... or at least none appeared to be
> the right thing for what I want.
> So far I've been
>  Ctrl <right arrow>  To get to the space between words
>  Ctrl-d Ctrl-d  To remove the space and the leading lowercase char of 
>                 the next word
>  Shift <Char>   to replace with uppercase
> Then back to Ctrl <right arrow>
> Where can I save some keyboard strokes?  

Just to add a bit here... 

I realize that upcase-region can do the above but its actually more
cumbersome that what I described above and appears to need more
keystrokes too

    create region/call upcase region

Maybe its the same number of strokes but more inconvenient in that it
breaks the movements up in a different way than 

My current method:
   ctrl-<right arrow> | Ctrl-d | ctrl-d | shift <type char> 

Using upcase-region
   ctrl-<right arrow | ctrl-d | ctrl-spc | right arrow | upcase-region 

It even looks more awkward in writting.

But really, either of those above seems too time consuming when I have
hundreds of edits to make in that manner.

Incidentally ... it appears `Ctrl-<arrow key>' keystrokes to move
to next space between words, is only available on windows UI.  At
least I don't see it on my linux OS.

Any suggestions about how to automate or reduce time on these edits?

Once more... the edit:

  Some words similar to this

I need to remove the space and upcase the next Char.


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