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Icicles and prompt face background color.

From: Marcin Koziej
Subject: Icicles and prompt face background color.
Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2009 01:11:15 +0200

Hello, I have a question on how to determine face used by Icicle-mode;
it is used in the prompt and therefore I couldn't check it using
`describe-face' etc.
It is white background i want to change to a different color.
It is displayed when i do the following for instance:
Type M-. (find-tag), enter a tagname, enter
then, if there are few places with that tag, I am presented with a
prompt: "Choose a tag:", and when i scroll up down (with arrow keys)
the minibuffer's background turns white. My normal minibuffer face
color is yellow; that makes it yellow on white -- really hard to read.

What could I do? Could anyone help me tracing the color used?


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