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Re: Indentation settings problems

From: TriKri
Subject: Re: Indentation settings problems
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2009 00:42:45 -0700 (PDT)

Heh, I don't know which type I am :) The problem seems to have solved anyway;
because of some strange reason it worked changing c-basic-offset this time -
which it hasn't done before... I've tried setting this variable to 4 many
times before, but it hasn't worked. Now it is the same as last time I got
this working (I have had this problem before and eventually managed to solve
it) - I have no idea of what it was I finally did (differently) that made
the problem solve.


Andreas Politz wrote:
> TriKri <address@hidden> writes:
>> Bernardo Bacic wrote:
>>> er, don't know about the menus - i never use them and have them turned 
>>> off, but the following in your .emacs should work:
>>> (setq-default tab-width 4
>>>                indent-tabs-mode t)
>> In which file should I add it? I can't find any file ending with .emacs.
>> I
>> made a search in the entire emacs folder and ordered by date last
>> modified,
>> but no file is modified later than July this year, and I have made
>> changes
>> in the options this month. So, where is the file located? Is there any
>> quick
>> way to add it with emacs?
> Maybe you're more the customize-type.
> M-x customize-option tab-width RET
> or
> M-x customize-apropos tab RET
> -ap

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