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Re: Best practice for overriding keybinding of a minor mode?

From: jpkotta
Subject: Re: Best practice for overriding keybinding of a minor mode?
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2009 12:09:46 -0700 (PDT)
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On Sep 28, 4:54 pm, Samuel Wales <address@hidden> wrote:
> local-unset-key
> --
> Myalgic encephalomyelitis causes death (Jason et al. 2006)
> and severe suffering.  Conflicts of interest are destroying
> research.  What people "know" is wrong.  Silence = 
> death.

I hope I'm not hijacking this thread, but I want to do the same thing
for ido.  I recently started using it and I don't like how C-
<backspace> works when completing files and directories.  I tried to
set the keybind via local-set-key, define-key (on ido-competion-map),
and local-unset-key; I used these methods after loading ido and in ido-
setup-hook.  Nothing worked.  Then I looked at ido.el and saw that it
does [remap backward-kill-word], which is what I have C-<backspace>
bound to globally.  After reading the manual, it seems like there is
no way to recover a remapped command.  Is this true or am I
overlooking something?  Is ido being heavy-handed here, and should not
be using remap?



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