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Re: emacs allout-mode

From: stucker
Subject: Re: emacs allout-mode
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 2009 01:34:06 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Andreas, thanks for your response!

Andreas Röhler wrote:
> AFAIU if you have already a structured text, whose
> hierarchies you may adress, simply outline-mode or
> hs-minor-mode should be the suitable tools.

So I guess I am not sure what allout.el is even capable of, but I did like
two things about it:
1) someone already made a decision about the hierarchy structure for
2) the hot keys for moving around (h,o,...) were convenient

I can't seem to reproduce my problem with using fancy heading bullets (using
'>' vs '='), but in the meantime I edited outline-mode for ESS to mimic the
structure of the allout headings - 

(add-hook 'ess-mode-hook 'my-ess-outline-hook)
(defun my-ess-outline-level ()
  (let (buffer-invisibility-spec)
       "^###_\\(\\*\\|[ ]+[+-=>()[{}&!?#%\"address@hidden:;^]\\)")
      (- (current-column) 3))))
(defun my-ess-outline-hook ()
  (setq outline-regexp "^###_")
  (setq outline-level 'my-ess-outline-level)
  (outline-minor-mode t)

... I also thought it might be convenient in case I ever figured out more
about allout and decided it was worth switching to in the future (then my
documents would be somewhat compatible?). I also bound a few of the
show/hide functions of outline-mode to easier key strokes than the default
so I think I'm getting the functionality I was hoping to get from allout. If
you (or others on the list) has a few insights as to what additional
features allout might provide, I'd be interested to hear - but it seems like
outline-mode may be sufficient for my purposes, as you suggest.


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