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Re: Problem of binding aspell to Emacs

From: Water Lin
Subject: Re: Problem of binding aspell to Emacs
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2009 11:22:44 +0800
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Xah Lee <address@hidden> writes:

> On Oct 15, 2:47 am, Water Lin <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Two more question about using Aspell with flyspell mode.
>> The first question:
>> When Aspell finds an incorrect word, it will mark the incorrect word
>> with special underline and color. But there are also a lot of special
>> words like Flyspell, Aspell etc. which are meaningful but incorrect.
>> I want to let Flyspell to ignore these words. What's the command?
> right click on the word, and there's a menu command to add the word to
> your personal dict.
> aspell creates your personal words file by default at
> ~/.aspell.en.pws

One more question here:

While I right click on the word, there is no menu. I don't know why. I
am using Emacs23 under Windows, I don't know if it is the reason.

After I used M-x ispell-buffer, I add some words into my personal
dictionary. Emacs puts the default personal dictionary at

I don't know what job file "en.prepl" does.

I reset the default personal dictionary by
(setq ispell-personal-dictionary "~/emacs/aspell/en.pws")

But after restart the Emacs, I can't even use ispell.

What's wrong with my last code?

> you can add or delete words there directly.
> to find out what keyboard shortcut or command is called when right
> click the menu item, you can use describe-key.
>> The second question:
>> After successfully installed Flyspell with Aspell, I find that the input
>> speed of my keyboard is a little slow and panic. It seems that flyspeel
>> will influence my input speed. What can I do with it?
>> My solution is:
>> -------
>> I disable Flyspell mode, but after I finish the email edition, I
>> will use M-x ispell-region to check my spell. Is it a good way?
> this solution is what i use. In fact, i use speck-mode (look at
> for it). In my experience, it's faster, more robust. It
> doesn't do spell checking as you type though. It's batch, but faster
> than flyspell-buffer...
> ------------
> spell checking is a critical feature of text editors. Spell checking
> frustration with Emacs on the Windows OS is a frequently asked
> question here. (the installation, configuration, is a huge pain in the
> ass even for professional unix sys admins and longtime emacs users)
> The GNU Emacs people, for some political, social , philosophical, or
> technical reasons, do not or will not make emacs work out of box on
> the Windows platform (their perspective may differ than the way i
> expressed it here). This, in my opinion, is a major problem of
> advancing emacs.
> For issues related to this, see:
> • Emacs Does Not Support Viewing Images Files In Windows
> • Problems of Emacs Supporting Obsolete Systems
>   Xah

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