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Re: conditionals in elisp

From: Harry Putnam
Subject: Re: conditionals in elisp
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2009 00:33:10 -0500
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"Drew Adams" <address@hidden> writes:

> 3. There is no substitute for this. No matter how much people here try to 
> "help"
> you, you will waste your _own_ time if you don't learn how to _ask Emacs_. And
> sooner or later, people here will tire of answering, if they see you making 
> zero
> effort.

> Here's how hard it is:
> 1. `C-h i'
> 2. Click the link to the `Elisp' manual.
> 3. `i', then `if', then Enter.
> 4. Read one page of doc about `Conditionals'.
> Can you handle that?

Drew, not to be a smartmouth here but do you really know for sure that
what you say is the absolute best way for me to learn reall is?

Are you really so sure I don't know myself better than you do?

I can say for certain that after just half a page under 10.2
Conditionals and my head is spinning.

The stuff there does not match up to what little programming I've
learned of perl shell etc.  Or if it does... I'm not seeing it yet.

You have no idea, really of how slow and painful the little computer
literacy I've acquired has come.

You think I haven't looked here before... your wrong.

I've tried to follow a few things in that manual for yrs.  I know it
looks and sounds like gibberish to me after just a little reading.

That hasn't stopped me from doing lots of work with emacs over the last
10-12 yrs.  At least work at my level..  I'm talking hobby level.
I've never aimed at employment or the like... I made my living with my
hands... and now retired..

I must have some kind of learning problem or such and a pretty deep
seated one too ... but at my age I do know something about how
learning works for me.  I'm not going anywhere reading the manual with
out some simple examples I can look at and see how they work.

I don't really care to go on making an argument... and I appreciate
you taking time to try to help.. as you have with me and others many
many times before.  

Examples work best for me, I tried to explain that in OP.  The fact
that you think that manual page should do it for me, does not make it

Thanks for your time.  That will be the end of my comments on this.

I have yet to go through all the other suggestions.  Many thanks for
the input posters...

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