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Re: conditionals in elisp

From: Harry Putnam
Subject: Re: conditionals in elisp
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2009 12:26:45 -0500
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address@hidden (Pascal J. Bourguignon) writes:


> Whatever.  Results 1 - 50 of about 151,000 for emacs lisp
> cheatsheet. (0.58 seconds) ^^^^^^^^^^^^

Aside from being horribly lazy, not to mention stupid... I'm also
apparently blind.... I asked about `if else conditionals'... and using
a string I would never have thought of to search for that topic I
repeated your search..finding in a blazing .58 second... exactly 0
references to that topic (at least in the first two pages).

I'll admit I gave up after the second page... Oh, wait I take it
back, there is mention of your posts on this thread.  But then, those
don't mention anything about the topic either.

> Notice how google is much faster than typing one's question on the
> newsgroups...

I think your confusing lookup time with the time it will really take
to find a recognizable `if else' example with that search... or many
others, I'd already tried myself.

That time (for me) would be vastly larger than posting here.

I wasn't thinking, tutorial either, since, again I've tortured myself
with a few in the past. And a tutorial by its nature will take in a
lot more than what I was after.  I wanted examples... and that is what I
posted about.

In fact I see now that looking for something similar to `if else' in
perl or shell scripting is really a mistake.  It looks quite different
in elisp (at least syntactically). . I'm not sure I ever would have
recognized it ... had I found examples.

What I saw was mostly about emacs commands.  Something I actually know
a fair bit about after over a decade using emacs..  Maybe not by
standards of this list, but by a wider standard I do.

Thanks for your input. Pascal, I seem to have reached beyond your
patience level.. this time.  But you have provided many helpful posts
to me direct and indirect over the yrs and I thank you for that.

And to the other posters here... also thanks for your patience and
help. Xah Lee's stuff is helpful
Thanks to Xah too.

Richard R seems to be one person who saw what I tried to phrase in the
OP.  That is, examples... not getting someone to write the thing for
me. Thanks Richard

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