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Re: Position of a new emacs in icewm

From: Hartmut Figge
Subject: Re: Position of a new emacs in icewm
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 05:17:40 +0100
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Hartmut Figge:

> (184 KB)
>Down left is an emacs positioned so, that all is visible. The emacs to
>the right is called from the xterm at the top left.
>Is there something i can do about this issue?
>this problem.

Well, i can live with the result of '(tool-bar-mode nil) in my ~/.emacs
because i don't need the toolbar. Interesting though, that i had to
insert it manually because 'Options->Save Options' failed to do so. *g*

Von Usern fuer User  :-)

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