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Re: How to use Emacs-lisp without editing .emacs file?

From: Suvayu Ali
Subject: Re: How to use Emacs-lisp without editing .emacs file?
Date: Fri, 05 Feb 2010 22:00:36 -0800
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On Friday 05 February 2010 12:29 PM, sayeo87 wrote:

How would I enter emacs-lisp such as

;; highlight brackets
(require 'paren)
(show-paren-mode 1)

WITHIN emacs itself? I do not have access to the .emacs file as I am using
an emacs instance within another program run as another user.

I am no expert but maybe you can write all your customisations in a file where you have write access and eval the entire file at the start of your session?

If your customisations are a couple of lines then you can always write it in the *scratch* buffer, and use `C-j' or mark the region and do `M-x eval-region'.

Hope this helps.

Open source is the future. It sets us free.

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