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Searching for the same text, in the same sessions but in a different win

From: jrocha
Subject: Searching for the same text, in the same sessions but in a different window
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2010 09:44:56 -0800 (PST)

Hello All,

I have recently started using emacs in the Linux environment. I am using
emacs version 21.3.1 on a SUSE SP1 install of Linux. This is the version
used by our company, and I don't get to control the Linux version.

Anyway, I use emacs quite a bit on Solaris platforms and the functionality I
was use to was as follows:

1. Use emacs to view a text file.

2. Move the cursor to the beginning of a word I want to search for, hit
CTRL-S to start the search and then CTRL-W to expand the search for the
whole word.

3. At this point I can CTRL-S through the file in this window and search for
this selected word.

4. Next I use CTRL-X 5 2 to open a new window, and in that window I open a
different text file.

5. At this point I can do CTRL-S to search for the string I was looking for
back in step 3,in the first file.

6. I start a NEW search in this second window for some other string. Using
the same method. CTRL-S to start the search, CTRL-W to search for the word,
etc. This is done in window #2.

7. Now, if I go back to window #1 and invoke CTRL-S in the old window, I
want to search for the new string in the old (#1) window too.

This works fine in my Solaris emacs, but this is not the behavior in Linux
emacs. In Linux emacs, it remembers my OLD search string and searches for
that instead. Its like the search string is relevant to the window. I don't
want the Linux behavior.

I've tried looking through options, but I haven't stumbled across any
settings to adjust this behavior.

Does anyone know if this is a limation of Emacs on Linux, or is it
controllable by customization?

Thanks in advance,

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