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Re: gnus question; how to make coming mails to be read

From: Kiwon Um
Subject: Re: gnus question; how to make coming mails to be read
Date: Tue, 04 May 2010 15:41:34 -0000
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On 3월5일, 오후6시27분, address@hidden (Pascal J. Bourguignon)
> Kiwon Um <address@hidden> writes:
> > So how can I make these mails in the group (mail.sent) to be read (or
> > expired) automatically?
> You need to develop a robotic email force reading device.  It would look
> like a bully, with appendages to run after you, catch you, immobilize
> you, grip your eyelids wide open, Clockwork Orange-like,  put you in
> front of the GNU screen, and have you read aloud the mail.  So in
> addition to all the mechanical robotic aspect, you also need to have
> voice recognition and be able to match text read alound in stressful
> conditions with the text in the email.   Then, it could confirm the
> email was read, and it could release you.
> I can't wait for the future of robotics and AI.

Nope, I think somebody know other relevant ways. ;)

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