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Re: c/c++ project management and debugging

From: Dmitriy Igrishin
Subject: Re: c/c++ project management and debugging
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2011 11:55:07 +0300

Hey all,

2010/12/20 Elena <address@hidden>
On Dec 20, 11:39 am, Rajinder Yadav <address@hidden> wrote:
> up to now i've been using emacs for ruby on rails, i want to get setup
> so i can also do c/c++ development

If you are from Visual Studio, you are up for disappointment.  Emacs
is not an IDE, use Eclipse or Netbeans.

When I've started to learn C++ I've been disappointed by following IDEs
(not IDEs but just modules for Java-based platforms): Eclipse CDT,
Netbeans C/C++, Visual Studio, CodeLite, CodeBlocks, Anjuta and many
others. Also I've been disappointed by vim editor. Only Xcode experience
I've liked but anyway I've dissatisfied with it also.
And only with Emacs I've been satisfied. So please don't tell tales about
"modern" approaches of development and how IDEs are good. If you like
IDE -- use IDE, but please don't impose you opinion to others. Because
"IDE is panacea" is a FALSE.
I know many really good C++ libraries developed in Emacs.  And personally
I happy to Emacs to code in C++.

// Dmitriy.

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