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Re: using cscope inside emacs with mac os x

From: Bernardo
Subject: Re: using cscope inside emacs with mac os x
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2011 13:38:12 +1100
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I am trying to use cscope inside emacs 23.2. I am using xcscope.el for this.
I have created cscope.out, cscope.out.po, and
cscope.files using cscope-indexer -r in mac os x. I have placed all
these  cscope.* files in the root directory of my project tree. When I
try to use any of the cscope commands it throws me an error in
mini-buffer saying
"no such file or directory cscope".

Could some one please provide me some clue about what's going wrong

is cscope on your path?
in Emacs, what does
  C-h v cscope-program RET

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