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defcustom and :set functions dependencies

From: hjuvi
Subject: defcustom and :set functions dependencies
Date: Tue, 24 May 2011 20:01:26 -0000
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I'm trying to define some customization variables, which are dependent
on one another.

(defun setf1 (param value)
  (if v2
(defun setf2 (param value)
  (if v1
(defcustom v1
  :set 'setf1
(defcustom v2
  :set 'setf2

My problem is : symbol v2 does not exist when setf1 is defined.
If I move both defcustoms before defuns, then symbols setf1 and setf2
are not defined when compiling v1 and v2.

Is there anything like a declaration before a definition (like in C
Are any other way to solve this?

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