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Re: Image Displaying in Console

From: zwz
Subject: Re: Image Displaying in Console
Date: Fri, 07 Oct 2011 15:23:07 +0800
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Max Xie <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi,
> I wonder why emacs working under console refuses to display image. In
> fact,
> I can view pictures in my console, using fbv, even under emacs's
> shell...
> But emacs refuses to display any image itself, saying "Can't display
> images
> in this environment". I enjoy browsing the Internet with emacs-w3m in
> console, but, as a lack, it shows no images...
> So, could anyone tell me how to deal this problem? Can I force the emacs
> to
> try displaying images under text mode?

Had the same problem long ago. When hit 't' or 'T' in Emacs-w3m, it
checks whether it is in X, and if not, the message "Can't disp..."

However, I think the problem lies in that Emacs can not deal with
framebuffer. It is just my guess, and do not know if it is the case or
not. I googled but found no specific info.
> Please excuse my bad English. I'm not a native English speaker.
> Thank you.
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