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Re: Emacs server

From: Thorsten
Subject: Re: Emacs server
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2012 08:58:23 +0100
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Kevin Rodgers <address@hidden> writes:

> On 2/17/12 6:42 AM, Thorsten wrote:
>> Thank, that does the job. One more related question: I like to have a
>> black background and white (or wheat) foreground (and I'm not such a fan
>> of the color-themes because of their generally weak contrasts). In an X
>> session, I would start emacs with -fg black and -bg wheat flags. In an
>> console session, this looks strange, but starting emacs without those
>> two flags already gives a black background and a white foreground.
>> Now - what can I do when I want to have only one emacs-server running
>> and start several emacsclients in the console as well as in the X
>> session? Is there a way to start different emacsclients with different
>> fg/bg colors without always changing the colors explicitly with M-x
>> set-{background, foreground}-color when switching between the clients?
> Does emacsclient handle the -name argument? If so, you can set up
> different
> foreground/background pairs in ~/.Xdefaults with different instance names.

"The emacsclient program can specify a server by name, using the -s
Since I want only one server instance running, you mean I could define
alias-names that point to the same server, but set up different fg/bg
I would not know how to do this. 

I already solved the color-problem using the server-visit-hook and
display-graphic-p predicate. 

I still have some problems to gracefully exit my "1 server, many
(terminal and X11) clients" setup. When I use 'C-x #' to close unused
emacsclients in the X11 and return to my terminal session, all my
emacsclients there are killed too - very inconvenient. And when I
finally kill the emacs-daemon with 'M-x kill-emacs', I'm asked at the
next start-up if I want to recover the crashed session. But I don't want
to crash emacs on exit, I want to shut it down in a controlled and
civilized manner.


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