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Re: Unsafe directory error at startup.

From: Pingouin
Subject: Re: Unsafe directory error at startup.
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2012 19:16:40 -0000
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On Jun 2, 2:25 pm, "B. T. Raven" <address@hidden> wrote:
> Pingouin wrote:
> > Hello,
> > I just installed emacs-23.3.1 on a 64-bit Windows server where I have
> > temporary admin rights.
> > I did copy my .emacs file from a 32-bit Windows workstation to the
> > startup directory.
> > At startup I get the following error.
> > &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
> > Warning (initialization): An error occurred while loading `c:/Program
> > Files/Emacs/.emacs':
> > error: The directory `~/.emacs.d/server' is unsafe
> > &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
> > this directory is created by Emacs itself, why is it "unsafe"?
> > After the error emacs doesn't go through the rest of my initialization
> > file and, of course, I don't get everything I want!
> > Thanks for any insight,
> > Gérald
> This is a file user permissions problem. No server file can be created
> under .emacs.d\server. I am way back on win2000 but had the same problem
> after upgrading to 23.3 w32 build. Go to the directory where \emacs is
> installed (i.e. with subdirs \bin \leim \lisp \site-lisp, etc.) and
> click on properties of .emacs.d and then Security.
> This should have only your user name. Remove others (especially
> Administrator or Administrators). Do the same with .emacs.d\server and
> then .emacs.d\server\server can be created. If this is not enough to
> allow creation of server file, do the same with c:/Program Files/Emacs/
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Thanks for your suggestion Ed.  I tried to remove the Administors from
the Security group, but Windows tells me I can,t be done because this
property is inherited from its parents.  The ihneritance property must
be desactivated first but I could,t find how to do it!  Why am I
forced to word on Windows?

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