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Is this a bug?

From: Perry Smith
Subject: Is this a bug?
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2013 07:51:30 -0600

First, the working case:

emacs -q
C-h f load
switch to the help buffer.  
Hit tab to get to the button that says "C source code" and hit return.  
I get the file.

Now the non-working case.  Repeat the above after adding advice:

(defadvice load (before load-log activate)
  (message "Loading %s" (ad-get-arg 0)))

and I get an error with the stack:

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (wrong-type-argument subrp (lambda (file 
&optional noerror nomessage n$
  subr-name((lambda (file &optional noerror nomessage nosuffix must-suffix) 
#("Advice doc string" 0 $
  help-C-file-name((lambda (file &optional noerror nomessage nosuffix 
must-suffix) #("Advice doc str$
  #[(fun file) "address@hidden    !\301\"^P\310   address@hidden
  apply(#[(fun file) "address@hidden      !\301\"^P\310   address@hidden
  help-do-xref(33 #[(fun file) "address@hidden    !\301\"^P\310   \311^H#^Z\31$
  help-button-action(#<marker (moves after insertion) at 33 in *Help*>)
  call-interactively(push-button nil nil)

This is emacs 24.3

What is also curious is once I get one of these buttons to work, e.g. I do the 
same sequence with autoload
and view the file, then the button changes from "C source code" to the name of 
the file and at that point, 
the problem goes away for "load"

This isn't bothersome but I thought I'd ask / report it.

Thank you,

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