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Re: turning line mode on/off with defun not working

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: turning line mode on/off with defun not working
Date: Sat, 07 Dec 2013 14:28:24 +0100
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PJ Weisberg <address@hidden> writes:

>> Both works but I like the whitespace there. Because
>> that is actually an empty list (or nil), and not a
>> place where you put parameters (like it is in C) -
>> or, it is both in Lisp.  Try it yourself with nil
>> instead of the empty parenthesis pair. (Then,
>> obviously you need the whitespace.)
> You *can* do that, but that doesn't mean you should.
> Sure, () and nil are always interchangeable, but only
> one of them *looks* like an empty list of parameters.
> It always takes my brain an extra moment to process
> when I see nil somewhere where I'm expecting to see a
> list.

I agree, I use nil as "unset" or "none" or "false" and
() as the empty list. My point was that () *is* an
empty list, it is not just two chars that denote a
place where you should put params, and that place
happens to be empty.

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