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Re: Default face - font questions.

From: Alexandros Prekates
Subject: Re: Default face - font questions.
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2014 17:46:55 +0300
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Thanks for the affirmation!

I'm an occasional emacs user but every time i come back to use it i found some aspect that buffles me a littile. This time it was the font-face relation.

I was reading the emacswiki page i mentioned in my previous email trying to figure things out.

ps: for the extroneous characters . i use thuderbird , maybe its the copy paste from emacswiki that wasnt done neatle?

On 14/08/2014 05:30 μμ, Drew Adams wrote:
To change the default font for new (non special-display) frames...

   (set-face-attribute 'default t   :font FONT)

To change the default font for the current frame, as well as future

   (set-face-attribute 'default nil :font FONT)

I understand how when we are in the middle of an emacs session it'd help
to have an option to change the font only of the future-new frames.

But i dont understand the difference of using the 't', or 'nil' option
in an .init file when starting a new emacs session . Doesnt it hold than
in that case all frames are newone making 't' superfluous in .init file?
You understand correctly. You should not notice any difference between `nil' 
and `t' as the value of parameter FRAME, when you use `set-face-attribute' in 
your init file.

(P.S. Your mailer quotes things weirdly - lots of extraneous `|' and `\|' here 
and there.)

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