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RE: Looking for a project management system

From: Subhan Michael Tindall
Subject: RE: Looking for a project management system
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2014 19:21:46 +0000

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> Subject: Re: Looking for a project management system
> Perhaps you are thinking specifically in the realm of programming project. A
> bit outside of that box, you might consider org-mode. It gives you a lot of
> traditional project management features. You could easily store your file 
> lists
> as a collection of org-mode hyperlinks.
Very little of the work I do is programming. I work extensively in org for 
project planning and reporting, TODO tracking, time clocking, etc.  A lot of my 
work is spread across a variety of applications and data files, which I 
currently link with file: links where appropriate. When I have a single 
directory for a project it's not too bad, but for example right now I have 4 
separate sub-projects that were started and merged into 1 larger project, in 
multiple directories at the same level and TODOs, notes, code, etc spread 
across 8 or 10 org files.
Simply pushing it all together screws up a lot of my linking and multiple files 
have very similar structure, making a simple merge difficult.

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