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Re: New to Bookmark+: Bookmarks for reading

From: Tory S. Anderson
Subject: Re: New to Bookmark+: Bookmarks for reading
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 2015 15:23:21 -0500
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I think you took a different meaning (although your post is very helpful). My 
usage is as follows: 

Suppose I've begun reading a lengthy file in a buffer. I bookmark my place to 
return later: my bookmark is on line 100. Later, I visit the bookmark and 
resume at line 100. I read for a while and now want to bookmark my place at 
line 500. With vanilla bookmarks, I would just use `C-x r m`, hit "enter" to 
use the suggestion (current bookmark), and next time I'll resume at line 500.  

As per your suggestion I've tested out methods in BM+. However, simply 
resetting (`C-x r m`) DOES lose any tag information, while the 
name-and-location commands not only force me through extra menus, but seem 
geared for changes of hard drive location, not line/point location. 

Is there a simple way to update a bookmark's point location in Bookmark+? 

Drew Adams <address@hidden> writes:

>> > I'm making the transition from vanilla bookmarks to bookmark+ and am
>> > realizing that BM+ has a completely different level of usage. I look 
>> > forward
>> > to learning it, but for now I'm struggling with the basics. In particular,
>> > since I use bookmarks for actual reading, how do I update the bookmark of
>> > the current buffer to my new location (within the buffer)? That used to be
>> > the default with `C-x r m`, but now that things like tags and information
>> > are involved, I'm worried about wiping all of that out every time I
>> > "replace" a bookmark.
>> >
>> > Searchign through the bkmp lists doesn't reveal anything for updating. How
>> > do I simply (and easily) update the file location the bookmark points to?
>> +1: I'd also like this.  (And I'm also looking at bookmark+, though
>> I had a bit of hiatus.)
> (Replying to Marcin's message, since I haven't (yet) received Tory's
> original message, for some reason.)
> Bookmark+ uses the same relocation mechanism as vanilla bookmark.el.
> Well, it uses a better one ;-), but the idea is essentially the same.
> And no, you should not lose any bookmark data when a bookmark is
> relocated, whether that relocation is automatic (e.g., when you set
> a bookmark or jump to a bookmark) or on-demand (see below).
> (See also option `bmkp-save-new-location-flag'.)
> But as always, it doesn't hurt to first try out whatever you are
> asking about on a single bookmark that you create just for a test
> and can then toss.  Consider too that I might misunderstand your
> question ;-).  You didn't specify in detail just what you are doing.
> In general, do not do anything that affects something important
> without first trying it out on something not so important.
> Wrt relocating bookmarks on demand: If you hit `?' in *Bookmark List*
> then you see this in the middle of the *Help* page.  Note the first
> three lines.  Outside *Bookmark List*, use `C-x p r' (same as `r').
> ,----
> | Modify, Delete Bookmarks
> | ------------------------
> | 
> | (See also `Tags', next.)
> | 
> | r   - Rename or relocate bookmark
> | M-r - Relocate bookmark
> | M-R - Relocate marked bookmarks
> | T e - Edit bookmark's tags
> | C-u a       - Edit bookmark's annotation
> | e   - Edit internal Lisp record for bookmark
> | E   - Edit internal Lisp records of marked bookmarks  (`C-u': all)
> | C-M-x       - Toggle temporary/savable status of bookmark
> | M-X - Toggle temporary/savable status of marked bookmarks
> | M-x bmkp-delete-all-temporary-bookmarks     - Delete all temp bookmarks
> | x   - Delete (visible) bookmarks flagged `D'
> | D   - Delete (visible) bookmarks marked `>'
> `----
> ---
> And while on the subject of being careful, consider backing up your
> bookmark file from time to time.  The Bookmark+ doc for option
> `bookmark-version-control' says this:
> ,----
> | bookmark-version-control is a variable defined in `bookmark+-1.el'.
> | Its value is t
> | 
> | Documentation:
> | Whether to make numbered backups of your bookmarking files.
> | This includes bookmark files such as `bookmark-default-file' and also
> | Bookmark+ files `bmkp-bmenu-commands-file' and
> | `bmkp-bmenu-state-file'.
> | 
> | The option can have value `nospecial', `t', `nil', or `never' .  Value
> | `nospecial' means to use the `version-control' value.  The others have
> | the same meanings as for option `version-control'.
> | 
> | Use value `t' if your bookmarks are important to you.  Consider also
> | using numeric backups.  See also nodes `Backup Names' and `Backup
> | Deletion' in the Emacs manual.
> | 
> | You can customize this variable.
> `----
> Note that the default value of this option is `t' in Bookmark+,
> but it is `nospecial' in vanilla Emacs.
> You might also be interested in reading the thread for Emacs bug
> #12507:

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