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Re: Concerning emacsclient cmdline

From: Philipp Stephani
Subject: Re: Concerning emacsclient cmdline
Date: Sun, 08 Feb 2015 17:26:32 +0000

Yes, --eval causes all arguments to be interpreted as Lisp expressions. The
following script should work (note that some contraptions are required to
let it deal with all kinds of filenames):


set -o errexit -o nounset -o pipefail

declare -a args=()

for file
  # Use base64 encoding to deal with Lisp syntax in file names.
  # No herestring because that appends a newline.
  # No echo to deal with file names starting with dashes.
  encoded="$(printf '%s' "${file}" | base64)"
  args+=("(find-file (base64-decode-string \"${encoded}\"))")

emacsclient --eval '(load "/home/harry/.emacs-dir/client2SomeServer.el" t)'

Harry Putnam <address@hidden> schrieb am Sun Feb 08 2015 at 17:45:24:

> Running SonOS (Openindiana, a solaris offshoot)
>   GNU Emacs 24.3.1 (i386-pc-solaris2.10, X toolkit, Xaw scroll bars)
>   of 2013-08-03 on unstable10x
> I've been dinking around with a script that calls emacsclient and
> having a problem figuring out the proper cmdline syntax.
> There are several things being checked and several different calls to
> emcaslient depending on other variables.
> Where my problem comes is trying to open a file and --eval an expression
> in the same command.
> the script name is `emcl' the cmdline:  `./emcl ./it'
> And the cmdline that gets run inside the script:
>  emacsclient -c -a "" --eval '(load-file 
> "/home/harry/.emacs-dir/client2SomeServer.el")'
> $@
> When called it breaks with:
>  *ERROR*: Symbol's value as variable is void: \./it
> I've tried removeing "$@" and it opens without error but with no
> filename 'it'  opened.
> So I tried putting "$@" between "" and  `--eval'
> The error is the same.
>    *ERROR*: Symbol's value as variable is void: \./it
> Can anyone say what is wrong here?
> Perhaps the file call has to be an --eval too.  If so, how would that
> be done?

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