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RE: Bookmark a PDF, open in external program

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Bookmark a PDF, open in external program
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2015 13:15:33 -0800 (PST)

> I'm using emacs 25.0.5 and bmkp-default-handlers-for-file-types simply
> isn't working. Here's what I have:
> '(bmkp-default-handlers-for-file-types (quote (("\\.pdf$" . "xdg-open"))))
> Nonetheless if just opens with find-file (which is breaking for other
> reasons). Did I get something wrong?

It's better to follow up off list, I think.  You can always report back
to the list with any summary info that you think might help others.

Can you use `xdg-open' otherwise than via a bookmark?  Is it installed
on your machine?  Is it in your PATH?  If not, then that's maybe the

You can also try another file association, to see if the relevant
Bookmark+ code is working for you in general.  I.e., to see whether it is
true that "bmkp-default-handlers-for-file-types simply isn't working."

For example, try adding an association such as this:
("\\.html?$" . browse-url) or this (if you have `w32-browser.el'):
("\\.doc$"   . w32-browser).  If that works then the problem is likely
with `xdg-open' and not with the Bookmark+ code.

Anyway, try this, if the above suggestion didn't help:

1. Load the Bookmark+ source files (*.el, not *.elc).
2. M-x debug-on-entry bmkp-default-handler-for-file
3. Try to invoke the bookmark in question (to a PDF file).
4. Open the source code for `bmkp-default-handler-for-file' and
   `bmkp-default-handler-user' (in bookmark+-1.el) in a separate window
   or frame, so you can follow along when you use the debugger (step 5).
5. In the debugger, use `d' to step through the code.
   You can use `c' to skip through any step that it is uninteresting.
   You can use `e' at any time to evaluate a sexp and see its value.
   You can also use `C-h v' etc.

Let me know what you see.  Thx.

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