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mutt opens a generic emacs session

From: Haines Brown
Subject: mutt opens a generic emacs session
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2015 14:57:33 -0500
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In installing Debian Wheezy on new hardware, mutt no longer opens the
correct session of emacs as its editor. While I've made some changes,
none seems relevant to this problem.

In the old hardware, I had a line in .muttrc that said

  set editor="emacs -q -l ~/.emacsUtility" 

On the new hardware it is now:

  set editor="emacs -q -l ~/.emacs.d/elisp/emacs-util"

In the former case, sending a message in mutt brought up emacs using the
init file .emacsUtility. Its mode line says: /tmp/mutt-bach-1000-...
But in the latter, it opens emacs with a *scratch* buffer and does not
construct a save file.

How does mutt know to set up its emacs editor to that it serves mutt's

Haines Brown

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