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Re: OS X: M-s and C-s modifiers generate weird keystrokes

From: Pascal J. Bourguignon
Subject: Re: OS X: M-s and C-s modifiers generate weird keystrokes
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2015 08:52:30 +0100
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Philipp Stephani <address@hidden> writes:

> I realized that on my OS X system (OS X 10.10.2, GNU Emacs 24.4.1
> (x86_64-apple-darwin14.1.0, NS apple-appkit-1344.72)
>  of 2015-02-23 on p) the key modifiers C, M, s, and C-M work as expected,
> but C-s and M-s produce unexpected keys (according to the messages buffer):
> C-s-a produces C-s-268632065, and M-s-a produces M-s-å. Is this expected,
> or should I report a bug?

How do you type s- on a MacOSX keyboard?

I use a DasKeyboard 3 keyboard, with "System
Preferences"/"Keyboard"/"Modifier Keys…" set to

    Caps Lock ->  Control
    Control   -> Control
    Option    -> Command
    Command   -> Option

(there's no Hyper or super choice here);

and consequently,  I get the following map to emacs
( modifiers:

    C-                      RET
    S-                      S-
    C- A- M- SPC M-a A- C-p C-

(notice the C-p bound to the second form the right bottom key, which I
cannot change to anything more useful).

__Pascal Bourguignon__       
“The factory of the future will have only two employees, a man and a
dog. The man will be there to feed the dog. The dog will be there to
keep the man from touching the equipment.” -- Carl Bass CEO Autodesk

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