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Re: rmail

From: Robert Thorpe
Subject: Re: rmail
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2015 22:16:47 +0000

"h.peter.friedrich" <address@hidden> writes:

> hello,
> I use rmail with the above email-address, but I want to leave this
> provider.
> My favorite possible new provider uses the email-address as loginname.
> But rmail cannot handle the "@ " inside the name.
> I found in the emacswiki that this is a known problem.
> Is it solved in the meantime and how can I solve it ?

This is how I do it:
* Fix your email address.
In rmail-primary-inbox-list specify your email address replacing @ with
%40 like this:

* Use Mailutils Movemail.
It's usually available from a package manager.  I don't know if this is
necessary, but it's how I did it.

* Copy.
Copy the function rmail-insert-inbox-text from rmail.el.  After you've
fixed it save off this new version of rmail-insert-inbox-text and load
it in your init file.

* Find the bit that says:
      ;; At this point, TOFILE contains the name to read:
      ;; Either the alternate name (if we renamed)
      ;; or the actual inbox (if not renaming).

* Add the fix.
After the comment put in the line:
      (setq tofile (url-unhex-string tofile))
The line after that should be (if (file-exists-p tofile).

Here's why that works....  Movemail's command-line has the server
address after the email address.  It's like this "movemail
address@hidden".  So, if your email address has an @ in it then it
becomes "movemail" which is nonsense.
The movemail people are aware of this problem, so they support using URL
encoding in addresses.  So, you can use %40 instead of @ for the first
one, just like in a URL.  Emacs doesn't know about any of this.  The
problem is that they decode it when creating the mbox filename.  So,
Emacs is expecting an mbox file called but it gets one
called address@hidden  The line of code added removes that confusion.

When I get the time I'll contribute it to Emacs.  I don't think it's the
right way to totally fix the problem though.

Robert Thorpe

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