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Re: What makes elisp fun ?

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: What makes elisp fun ?
Date: Mon, 29 May 2017 00:22:40 +0200
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John Ankarström wrote:

> Right, that's one of the things I like about
> Lisp. If you want to go functional, it's
> a great language for that. If you want to
> indulge in some good old imperative
> programming and just get things done, it
> offers that too.
> It's because it doesn't lock you into
> a paradigm that it becomes such
> a useful tool.

People often misunderstand those paradigms
anyway. What they are are brain-models to
increase understanding so people can relate and
be more aware what they do and the alternatives
how to go forward. They are not blueprints
"what to do" and should not be the starting
point of writing a new program.

By the way the paradigms aren't even
comparable! Functional and
imperative/procedural programming are more of
styles. OO requires an underlying architecture
and is today rather a method for creating
models of certain phenomena. (I suppose most
games can be seen as models, as well.)

C++ people today often downplay the OO part,
while in the 90s some people rewrote entire
programs just to make them "Object Oriented"!

underground experts united

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