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Re: prompt to create non existent directory.

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: prompt to create non existent directory.
Date: Thu, 02 Nov 2017 15:25:18 +0100
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t wrote:

> Because for ~98% of those packages I want
> "tried and tested" and not "latest and
> greatest". The other 2% I care specially for
> I put more admin work into (and bear with
> ocassional breakage).
> [...]
> It's still one gadget per app to take care
> of. I don't feel like feeding thousands of
> gadgets, even if they are shell scripts.

The issue with the "~2%" is that the repo's SW
is too old or sometimes unavailable.

Why can't this be available without doing it
100% manually? Well, it can, and that's what
those gadgets do! Why not for Emacs as well?
We have [M]ELPAs for additional software.
Why is it such a far-fetched idea upgrading
Emacs in a similar manner, if it can be done,
as I suspect it can?

If you for development or other reasons want to
get the source and compile it nobody is
stopping you!

The ideal situation is: the distro's pack
manager gets you whatever piece of SW you want,
in any state you want, at whatever version.
All thru the same interface.

OK, so this isn't the case. What's wrong with
bridging the gap by those specialized getters
and upgraders? Which are also shell tools with
a similar, tho not identical, interface.
But similar in terms of the UX.

You say you want the distro's pack manager for
98% and compile for 2%. Why not the distro for
94.5%, the gadgets for 4%, and compilation for
1.5%? Or any other distributions anyone
would want?

I fail to see how this is a principal question!
It is just a matter of convenience. Some people
aren't happy with what they find in the repos.
So the do their own managers because people
generally find that easier and less work than
getting the source and compiling manually.

Isn't that the reason for the pack managers to
begin with? If it is a good idea once, why not
twice or how many times people see the
need for?

The repos are good but not perfect or
universal. Specialized needs find specialized
solutions. Perhaps one day that will enter the
repos to a degree it won't be needed.
Who knows?

underground experts united

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